Research Ramblings

Don’t Forget!

As we approach spring and all the upcoming RP Special Events, think about ordering a pick up item to promote the RP Campaign. We have ASHRAE logo band-aids, sunscreen, golf tees, pens, etc.! Please use the campaign order form found under Important Forms.

Specialty Topic Research Fliers

Looking for fliers showing how ASHRAE Research helps you survive winter, stay healthy, or helps to build your city? Click here to download them now.

Great tip from Central NY Chapter!

Every Chapter has those special members who really keep the wheels turning. Maybe they’ve rotated through the positions numerous times, are the undisputed authority on how to plan the perfect golf tournament, or maybe the one that always has an extra hour and is willing to step in when there’s a need. Think about creating an endowed research gift in their honor. This gift will create a lasting legacy, honoring their service to both ASHRAE and the Chapter. For more information, please contact Patricia Adelmann with RP Staff. Thanks for the tip Central NY!

Special Announcements


We really appreciate all the Chapters that take the time to accurately fill out the Summary Form with Contributor numbers. It helps to ensure that your donors are recognized correctly and prevents the creation of duplicate records. All contributor numbers for past donors may be found on your 10 Yr History report!