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Plan to mail all checks through express mail in June. We recommend paying for two day or overnight so you do not risk missing the deadline after June 20. We also recommend that you plan on all packages being delivered by June 29 to build in an extra day in case courier services are running behind.

Please let Staff know when you send in contributions so they can watch for the gift to arrive. 

If you have a breakdown, send that in advance through e-mail so Staff can review for any possible questions before the last minute. 


When multiple donors are giving via one credit card, please type “See Breakdown” in the donor name field. Email Staff the summary form or a listing of donors (including donor numbers) with the donors who should receive credit as soon as, if not before, the gift is made. You can download the summary form here. 

If you are using a chapter debit card you will likely have to call the bank to approve any large contributions. You may have to split it up into multiple days if there is a daily limit. Please take this into consideration and do not wait until the final possible moments to make a chapter donation! If the bank requires the card to be charged by a certain time, please let us know since these gifts are not charged immediately. 

This will be the fastest and easiest way to ensure your gift has made it to Headquarters and will be counted before June 30th at 5 PM Eastern Time. 


Call 404-636-8400 to make a donation via phone. Ask for RP to be connected to a RP Staff Member.


Securely send your contribution to or directly to a RP Staff member.

Wire Transfer

To receive banking information to make a wire transfer, please e-mail



The deadline for the RP Campaign is June 30 every year! Money that arrives after the deadline cannot be accepted toward your campaign unless arrangements were made with RP Staff on or before June 30.